When I was fifteen years old I had the opportunity to borrow a damaged clarinet from my school orchestra. I took the instrument home and tinkered with it until it was in working order again. I was actually supposed to learn to play on it, but after I had repaired it, the instrument was good enough for a better player than myself. As a result, my short career as a clarinetist had ended, while my career as an instrument maker had begun. Since then I have focused exclusively on building recorders. A few years later I began recorder studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music, from where I graduated in 1980. 1980-81 I was a visiting student at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where, in addition to recorder playing, I studied recorder making with Ricardo Kanji and Peter van der Poel. After concluding my studies I set up a little workshop where I have built several hundred recorders since, mainly Ganassi-models in soprano and alto versions. These instruments have on occasion traveled far in order to reach their new owners, but the greatest demand has been in Germany. In recent years I have also built other models.


Photo: Asim Mahmood

I make the following struments: Ganassi, Sjøfløyte (Norwegian “sea flute”), sopranino in F and Sixt Flute in D

All wooden instruments are bound to change after a period of use. Even though they may have been played-in for some time before delivery, they will most likely need some adjusting, and the intonation may have to be fine-tuned in order to suit the individual player’s style. I will be happy to re-tune and re-voice your instrument after you have used it for some time, a service I supply free of charge. Repairs due to improper handling of the instrument, however, will be subject to an additional charge.

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